Marianne Stuve

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Robin disse...

I wish I could have seen the original work, the video I'm sure is a faint representation of a beautiful installation.

Marianne disse...

... no Robin, it is a video, created upon little self produced woven objects in form of armless people. But I admit - the scenery when I filmed the video was really strong.Stronger than the final result! I saw I have to work a little more on the film, but my message of boat people situation will continue.

What really was lamentable was the placement. The video needed more privacy and the sound to be heard. Because he was composed exactly upon the movement of the lights.

Ok. I learned that such kind of videos is not possible to integrate into a big art show where we have to share places and tecnical equipments. It was my fault. I will do better next time!

Our main theme "Water..." is more and more important for me. I see the necessity to use artistic creativity to make a big cry.... for to stop dangerous developments.
So, I see our exhibition in MAC Fortaleza as one step.... but not yet enough! - We need more "crying".... Contemporary art can be an impressionate organ for crying!!!! -
Only art immanent "beautiful" works are not enough, I think? Or perhaps they can? yes.... because an esthetical beautiful work can
show how precious is water (like Sarah's and Benoit's work, which is simply beautiful!!!).
Well, I hope we will discuss more about ?
Love. Marianne

Anônimo disse...

Marianne, estamos sempre aprendendo e caminhando à frente, em arte, apesar das dificuldades para podermos apresentar tudo que gostariamos.
O conjunto da mostra ficou de muito bom nível, por isso acho que conseguimos passar a mensagem. agora a troca entre artistas poderia se fazer, depois de todo o sufoco da montagem.
vamos lá!!!!
bjs Coca